Best Trade Deadline Fits For Jarome Iginla

Jarome Iginla
With the Colorado Avalanche looking like they’ll miss the playoffs, Iginla says he might be willing to waive his no-trade clause to go to a Cup contender. But which teams would be the best fit?

The Colorado Avalanche are once again having a disappointing season as they’ve only managed to secure 23 points in the standings through 27 games, second worst in the entire league. And though there are several promising members of the club, it looks like a foregone conclusion that they’ll spend another year outside the playoff picture.

Now with his contract expiring at the end of the season, it looks like Jarome Iginla might be willing to waive his no-trade clause to play for a Cup contender. In the past, Iginla has wanted to stay put in Colorado but with his career possibly coming to an end soon, he’d consider being moved to a playoff-bound team. In his entire 20-year NHL career, Iginla has yet to win the Stanley Cup and has only once made it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Even though Iginla has had a disappointing start to the year (a total of three goals and four assists), there’s no question that plenty of teams would want his services. He may not be the superstar he was when he was in his prime but Iginla can still provide value to a hockey club. Here are some of the best fits for Jarome Iginla if he decides to waive his no-trade clause to chase a cup at the trade deadline.

Florida Panthers

Maybe the Florida sunshine can rejuvenate another older superstar? It’s worked wonders for Jaromir Jagr and may just work for Jarome Iginla. After coming off a season that saw them win their division, the Panthers are once again aiming for the playoffs and might want to add some offensive depth for the playoff push. They’re only 22nd in the league in scoring could stand to add a player or two to help out the offense. Reilly Smith has struggled this season and Iginla can replace him on the second line, allowing Smith to drop to the third line to help support a struggling Nick Bjugstad.

Boston Bruins

Could a reunion between the Bruins and Iginla be possible? Before he came to the Avalanche, Iginla spent a year with the Bruins and had quite the success there. Forming a potent duo with David Krejci, the Bruins are in the thick of the playoff hunt and could use Iginla to solidify a spot in the top eight in the East. David Pastrnak is by far the team’s top right-winger but Jimmy Hayes, the B’s third-line right-winger, has struggled. Bumping him down to the fourth line for Iginla to take his spot would make the Bruins a much deeper team and help improve their 20th ranked offense.

Los Angeles Kings

The Kings are not afraid to make deadline deals for a playoff run and like most of the teams on this list, their offense could use a bit of work. Beyond Tyler Toffoli, the Kings right-wing depth is weak and hopefully Iginla would be able to inject some offense into the Kings’ 18th ranked scoring. As of now the Kings are in the final wildcard spot in the West and are only up on the ninth place team by one point. A deadline deal may be a necessity to secure their spot in the postseason and Iginla might be one of the best forwards available for them.

Wildcard: Calgary Flames

The Flames had a rough start to the season but now that they’re back on track to make the playoffs, could a reunion with the former captain be possible? Iginla was the face of the franchise for a long time in Calgary and it would be awesome to see him return for a playoff run. Who knows if the Flames will still be in a playoff spot or looking for rentals at the trade deadline but it would be great to see Iginla head back to the Flames in what could be the final year of his career.

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